tIDE: Tilemap Integrated Development Environment

Tile IDE (tIDE) and xTile are an integrated solution for building tile-based games for Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 using Microsoft XNA 3.1 and 4.0 technology. This software is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) open source agreement.

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tIDE Tile Map Editor

tIDE is a fully-featured, .NET-based tile editor that allows level designers to easily create content for tile-based games. tIDE supports a custom XML-based map format, a custom binary format (tbin), Tiled TMX, Mappy FMP and Flixel. Additional formats may be included via the .NET-based plugin system within tIDE.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Support for multiple tile layers to facilitate the design of games featuring parallax scrolling
  • Automatic tile transitioning (autotiling algorithm described here)
  • Animated tiles
  • Full-featured drawing toolbox to facilitate level design
  • Layer ordering and visibility
  • Support for an extensive range of display sizes to facilitate alignment when designing multi-layer maps
  • Support for arbitrary tile sizes and multiple tile sheets
  • Brushes to facilitate reuse of common composite elements
  • Multiple file formats (currently tIDE, tBIN, Tiled TMX, Mappy FMP and Flixel formats)
  • Full undo/redo capabilities
  • Support for custom properties at every level of the map structure
  • Full-screen editing mode
  • Zooming capabilities
  • Map structure navigation and manipulation via the Map Explorer panel
  • Intuitive tile picker
  • Auto-scrolling capabilities
  • Dockable editor components
  • Tile sheet auto-update feature to streamline content creation pipeline
  • Painless tile sheet rearrangement
  • Tile guides and layer viewing options
  • Statistics on dimensions and tile usage
  • Extensive potential for customisation via a plugin management system
  • Built-in help system

xTile Tile Rendering Engine

xTile is a multi-platform tile rendering engine component for XNA-based games.


  • Available for PC, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7 and Zune*
  • Parallax layer support
  • Tile animation
  • Custom property support at map, layer, tile sheet and tile level
  • XNA Content Pipeline Support for tIDE map files
  • Automatic validation and asset building of tile sheet image source dependencies in content pipeline
  • Customisable XNA content processor
  • Map loading interface for multiple file formats
  • Native XML-based file format
  • Integration with tIDE
  • Abstract display device to facilitate platform extensibility
For Zune development, you need to use xTile v1.2.5 with XNA Game Studio 3.1